The Plantation by Chris Kuzneski - Dec.2000
ISBN: 0595140513 - Trade Paperback
Thriller, Suspense, Espionage
Suspense - for Language

Reviewed by Robyn Glazer,
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Jonathon Payne and Ariane Walker have been planning a long weekend together for quite a while. Nothing is going to keep them from having a great time. Except that, ten minutes before Ariane is supposed to meet Payne, she's kidnapped. When Payne arrives to find Ariane missing, he knows something is wrong. He calls his best friend, David Jones, a private detective. Together, they begin an investigation that will take them places they never knew existed. Using every tool at their disposal, they plan to break into the Plantation, the only thing that can save Ariane's life.

The Plantation is the kind of book that can sky rocket an author's career. The writing is crisp and never falters. The story never lets you go and will keep your heart beating triple time. Jonathon Payne is the shining star of the whole book. He is so funny, which gives the reader a chance to laugh and ease up on some of the seriousness. I absolutely loved this book! I highly recommend you run out and buy The Plantation.

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