THE PLANTATION by Chris Kuzneski
Writers Showcase - 2001
ISBN: 0595140513 – Trade Paperback
Suspense / Espionage / Intrigue

Reviewed by Pam Stone,
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I have to start off by saying that I loved THE PLANTATION.

32-year-old Robert Edwards, a ski instructor from Icy River, Colorado, is hunted down like an animal and taken hostage. At Longview Regional Hospital in Longview, Colorado, 33-year-old Tonya Edwards, who is eight months pregnant, walks into an elevator. When the doors shut, a man walks up and sticks a needle in Tonya’s neck, puts her in a wheel chair, and rolls her to a waiting van. In Mars, Pennsylvania, Ariane Walker is dragged from her apartment and whisked away. Many disappearances are taking place in different cities. To Jonathon Payne and his best friend David Jones this is personal because Araine Walker is Jon’s girlfriend, and they will do any thing to get her back.

The characters are multi-faceted with plenty of soul to them. Jon and David are my personal favorites; the author really lets you feel the close relationship and how special and rare that is these days.

THE PLANTATION takes you to Colorado, Pennsylvania, New Orleans, and Nigeria on a wonderful rough and tumble ride with many twists and turns. I was breathless wanting to read every last word slowly so I wouldn’t miss a single thing. When I reached the ending, it was phenomenal, everything was all tied up into a nice tight bow.

This is one of those books that I couldn’t stop thinking about or how awesome that it was. Thank goodness that Mr. Kuzneski is working on another Jonathon Payne novel. Three cheers.

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