RAT by Edward Keyes
LTD Books - June 2001
ISBN: 1553160444 - eBook
Mystery / Suspense/Thrillers

Reviewed by Barbara Buhrer, MyShelf.com
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Tony Farrel left a promising PR career to open a restaurant. When the restaurant is on the verge of bankruptcy he naively accepts a loan from one of his patrons, Cheech Donalto. To his dismay he discovers Donalto is a loan shark, close to the head of the powerful Black syndicate, Aaron Luke Brothers, known as Giant. Farrel performs several illegal acts for Donalto and himself becomes close to Giant. A drug deal goes sour and he is apprehended by the Federal/city anti-crime squad JUST (Joint Undercover Strike Team).

Assistant US attorney, Brendan Hartnett wants to plant someone with Giant and feels Farrel is just the man. He wants to bring down the Syndicate. He gives Farrel the choice of revealing the activities of Giant or doing time for the drugs. Farrel has no choice, and fights to keep both sides separate. When Hartnett has enough evidence to present to a grand jury, Farrel is placed in protective custody prior to his testimony. His disappearance from the scene raises Giant's suspicions and leads to the kidnapping of Farrel's sister.

A dramatic courtroom confrontation leads to the final resolution. This is a very suspenseful story. The reader's interest is captured in the first few pages and is held throughout the book. The action is swift; the characters finely drawn; the dialogue is crisp. Farrel's descent into crime and his struggle to regain his self-respect is well done. This is definitely a "page turner".

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