St. Martins Press - March 2001
ISBN: 0312977158 - Paperback
Suspense / Police

Reviewed by Sue Johnson,
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Angela Donahue is an ex-Georgia Bureau of Investigation cop living in Savannah. Imagine her surprise and indignation when she is brought in for questioning in the murder of well to do businessman J.J. Slade. She knows there has been a terrible mistake. She did not even know this man. But many witnesses are placing her in a dinner club that she belongs to; not only eating lunch with him, but having an argument with him. While she is being questioned, Dylan Montana storms into the room. Dylan is not only an ex-undercover cop but also Angela's former lover. She has not heard from him in many years. Why is he back in Savannah and back in Angela's life again?

Angela must ascertain who killed J. J. Slade and why before she herself becomes the next victim. As she goes about this task the reader is not only treated to the mystery of the murderer but also the reason behind the disappearance of Dylan from her life many years before.

The story leads the reader on a whirlwind ride from the well upscale sections of town to the bayou swamps where alligators and voodoo priests live. The suspense is constant and keeps the your attention until the very last page is read.

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