Inspector Morse Mystery, Series Finale
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Crown – Feb. 2001
ISBN: 00609606220 – Hardcover
British Detective

Reviewed by Brenda Weeaks,
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I am so disappointed to see the Inspector Morse series end, but I have to say Colin Dexter is a champ in the way he achieved it! 

A year ago, a woman was murdered and left in an unpleasant state in her home. The Chief Superintendent has a new lead in the case. He has assigned Morse and Lewis to it. Morse, who is on vacation, won’t bite. He refuses to work the case for the CID, but it doesn’t stop him from being one step ahead, as usual, of Lewis. Of course Lewis, as usual, humbly works him self into the ground following leads and being Morse’s second pair of eyes and hands. During this investigation, something is different about Lewis and something is worrying Morse. 

Mr. Dexter gives us plenty of intriguing characters that are as thought provoking as he crossword puzzles. The list of suspects is lengthy and perplexing, and the twists and turns are plentiful, but I have to say the greatest one will broadside the readers and leave them speechless at the close of the book. Mr. Dexter’s skill at making his characters so life like, as if they were acting out in ones mind, is amazing. I took my time reading the mystery and found myself back tracking so I wouldn’t miss a thing! Once I finished, I was haunted for days with the mystery and the outcome of the series. Mr. Dexter didn’t just end a popular series in an astonishing way, he also intermingled a complex whodunit with an emotional twist that the characters and readers share. I have never used this word with any book I have reviewed, but I will with The Remorseful Day, it’s stupendous. 

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