RING OF TRUTH by Nancy Pickard
Pocket Books - June 2001
ISBN 0671887971 - Hardcover

Reviewed by Susan McBride, MyShelf.com
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Marie Lightfoot is back again in RING OF TRUTH, the follow-up to Nancy Pickard's Edgar nominated THE WHOLE TRUTH.  Lightfoot, a true crime writer, gets a case this time that seems so obvious on the surface.  But is it really?  The Reverend Bob Wing's wife, Susanna, is murdered, brutally raped and beaten then left to rot in an old mansion in a Florida town.  Apparently, he was having an affair with a pretty and very wealthy parishioner named Artemis "Artie" MacGregor.  Bob Wing is convicted of first degree murder and sentenced to die by the jury.  Artie gets off scot-free.

The more Lightfoot investigates the story to fill in some missing pieces in her book about the sensational case, the more she realizes things are most certainly not as they seem.  Pickard actually weaves together several subplots that are equally interesting, another seemingly unrelated murder case and the debate about capital punishment.  Fans of THE WHOLE TRUTH will not be disappointed by RING OF TRUTH.  It is suspenseful with plenty of 
twists built-in so that I couldn't figure out the truth myself until two-thirds of the way through, not a great score for someone who prides herself on knowing the answers about 50 pages in. 

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