RODE HARD, PUT AWAY DEAD by Sinclair Browning 
A Trade Ellis Mystery
Bantam Books January 2001
ISBN: 0553583271 PB
Private Investigator 

Reviewed by Robyn Glazer,
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Anyone marrying multimillionaire Abigail Van Thiessen would have their motives open to question, especially when the man is thirty years younger and a poor cowboy. Since Abby married J.B., who is a famous bull rider, she is determined to become a rider to share her love's interest. Taking falls is all part of the learning experience and Abby seems to be taking more to falling than to riding. So when J.B. and Abby go on a riding trip, her friend Trade isn't very optimistic about Abby's upcoming adventure.

 As the news travel back that Abby has died Trade assumes she must have taken a hard fall. Upon learning from her uncle that Abby's death is suspicious, Trade knows exactly where suspicion w ill fall. Why else would the young man marry her? According to J.B. he married her for love and no other reason. Claiming to be heartbroken and in need of finding the person responsible for this heinous crime, J.B. hires Trade Ellis, who is also a private investigator. During her investigation Trade stumbles on other people who also have motive. Things begin to heat up for Trade and this isn't exactly what she needs in 105-degree weather!

Sinclair Browning is being touted as the next Tony Hillerman. I think this is unfair. Her work is amazing and unlike anyone else's. She creates a world so intriguing that it is hard to leave once the book is over. Trade Ellis is a wonderful character with many layers adding to what, in anyone else's hand would turn into a stereotype. Anyone reading this book should also watch for Martin, Trade foreman. He quietly takes over every scene that he is in. If you haven't entered Sinclair Browning's world yet, I highly recommend you do. 

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