SEVEN UP by Janet Evanovich
A Stephanie Plum Novel
St. Martin's Press - June 2001
ISBN: 0312265840 - Hardcover
Private Investigator

Reviewed by Elaine Broome,
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Are you ready for the Plum-zone? You know, the wild, wacky, wonderful world of New Jersey's own Stephanie Plum? Well, hang on! Janet Evanovich's SEVEN UP is a hilarious roller coaster ride through the life and times of Trenton's toughest (well, sort of) bounty hunter. When Stephanie sets off to bring in fugitive Eddie DeChooch, she has no idea just how tough this will be. After all, he's in his 80's, he dates her grandmother, and she's known his family her whole life. Hah! Eddie's slippery comings and goings soon lead Stephanie into bigger and bigger trouble. All of a sudden, she's skating through smuggling, gangsters, mud wrestling, and the disappearance of those lovable losers Dougie and MoonMan. All of this is going on while Stephanie is trying to decide whether to marry hunky vice cop Joe Morelli, or have a night of unbridled passion with the always sexy Ranger Manoso. And then there's Grandma Mazur. Enough said?

SEVEN UP is the perfect summer book: it's both cool and hot, has non-stop action and the zaniest collection of characters ever seen - in or out of New Jersey. Janet Evanovich weaves together what appear to be several totally unrelated threads and somehow creates a seamless comedy where everything is neatly tied up by the last page. You'll laugh and roll your eyes right along with Stephanie as Grandma is suddenly interested in lesbians, the not quite so perfect sister moves back in with her parents, and Ranger unexpectedly attaches strings to his offer to help with DeChooch's apprehension. Can you blame Stephanie's mother for smashing plates?

So, get out the suntan lotion, head for your favorite beach and enjoy Stephanie's newest adventures in SEVEN UP.

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