Shadows Fall, by Barbara W. Klaser
Writers Club Press - October 2000
ISBN: 0595126995 - Paperback

Reviewed by Robyn Glazer, MyShelf.Com
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Beth Gray has not been home for more years than she can remember. Despite her tragic past and the unwelcoming nature of her hometown, Beth knows it is time to go home. She has been very ill and her four-year-old daughter has never even met her grandmother.

When Beth was a young girl, on the brink of her future, a boy named Ollie was murdered. Beth was convicted and spent six years in prison. Even worse than going to prison, all of her family besides her mother and younger sister believed she was guilty. Beth knows this trip home will be no vacation but she did not expect it to be murder. Only two days into her visit, it becomes clear someone wants to get rid of Beth - perhaps permanently.

As Beth struggles to figure out who is determined to ruin her, she is also dealing with falling in love and learning to let her guard down. Beth must decide who she can or cannot trust before she loses her life.

Shadows Fall is a thriller, taut with chills that will make you check if the door is locked. No two ways about it, the tension is so thick in this book, it is a chore to put it down. Beth is a character that makes you empathize with her fear and pain. As Beth is having trouble breathing, I can feel the palpations of her heart.

Barbara Klaser's writing pulls you into the story with no intention of letting go and she succeeds at that task. The only problem I had with this book was some of the secondary characters. Some of the sisters were confusing to me because I kept getting them mixed up. There was not enough info for me to be able to differentiate between them. Otherwise this is a great book with wonderful characters that will make you laugh and cry. "Shadows Fall" is the type of book you can read over and over again.


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