The Silent Scream by Betty Sullivan La Pierre
E-PUB2000 - August 22, 2001
ISBN: 0970662254 - Disk--PDF, PRC, LIT edition
Private Investigator, Some Violence

Reviewed by Brenda Weeaks,
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The Silent Scream is number three in Betty Sullivan La Pierre's Hawkman Series. Although this one can be considered a stand-alone mystery, the main character Hawkman makes this a series worthy of backtracking. He has the typical private investigator traits -- skepticism and curiosity, but he's also loyal, intelligent, and compassionate.

Richard lives with his mother far away from the hubbub of the city. He's home schooled and socializing is pretty much nonexistence. After a ride on his cycle, Richard comes home to discover his mother and dog murdered on the kitchen floor. The scene is emotionally gripping, especially since seventeen-year-old Richard is deaf with no one to turn to. His parents' past loving guidance gives him wisdom to get through the crisis, and his pain gives him the courage to investigate his mother's murder on his own. When Hawkman becomes aware of the circumstances he takes up the deaf teen's cause, doing everything possible to keep the state and the police from taking him into custody.
La Pierre writes her deaf characters as lip readers with the ability to speak instead of using sign language. The influence of this choice comes from the BS degree in Speech Therapy she received from the Oklahoma College for Women -- now known as University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma. In the OCW college town was the well-known oral deaf school, Jane Brooks School for the Deaf.

The Silent Scream is a clean, gripping mystery with a haunting lead character. The storyline moves smooth and quick. It's a read you won't forget it anytime soon. The three titles in the Hawkman series are The Enemy Stalks, Double Trouble, and The Silent Scream.

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