SLAYER OF GODS by Lynda Suzanne Robinson
Mysterious Press - June 2001
ISBN: 0892967056 - Hardcover
Historical Mystery - 1300 BCE, Eygpt

Reviewed by Brenda Weeaks,
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Slayer of Gods is the sixth title in Robinson's Lord Meren series, which takes place in the mid 1300s BC. This one takes place during year five of the boy king Tutankhamun's reign. Judging from the Chronology list of selected New Kingdom Rulers that would put this particular mystery at about 1337 or 38. Along with the chronology list is a map of the Egyptian Empire in the New Kingdom and some historical notes by the author. All of which readers must greatly appreciate since it helps to place them further into Lord Meren's world. The author uses historically based facts along with her knowledge as an Anthropologist specializing in archaeology to her advantage by creating a mystery series of actuality and invention. It's imaginative and impressive.

King Tut has assigned Lord Meren to an 11-year-old mystery. They are both sure the King's foster mother, Nefertiti, did not die of the plague, but of foul play. Lord Meren, god-king's chief protector and investigator, his adopted son Kysen, and daughter Bener are put in danger as they search for the evil that murdered a queen and continues to lurk in the heart of Egypt. Also helping Meren is the woman warrior known as the Eyes of Babylon, Anath. As the story moves from place to place, traps turn foul, unclear clues surface, and the list of suspects grow.

Ms. Robinson's characters are intriguing to say the least. Her passion for Egypt's history is unmistakable as it merges effortlessly with her gift for writing mysteries. If you are looking for a masterfully detailed mystery series that can transport you to a memorable time in history with an author who gives her all in a clear concise style, then Lord Meren's history mystery series for you.

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