Splendor Bay by LB Cobb
AdvanceBooks - December 2001
ISBN: 0970622414 - Trade Paperback
Adult Suspense

Reviewed by Robyn Glazer, MyShelf.com
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Bill Glasscock was looking forward to having a nice relaxing day in one of his favorite places, Splendor Bay. Unfortunately, the dead body found on the beach puts a halt on his plans. Bill never realized how fast things could go from bad to worse. This is exactly what happens when the body found turns out to be his ex-wife's lover. On top of that, the man is a governor, which makes the police even more eager to solve his murder. The police have decided that Bill has their favorite motive, and he is now their prime suspect.
Not thrilled with his life at the moment, Bill tries to get in touch with his lover, who is the state's attorney general, but it appears she is missing. As people start disappearing for good around bill, he decides he must take action before his life disappears behind bars.

Splendor Bay is what I would call a psychological suspense. Bill Glasscock must face up to his morals and find out where and how far they will take him. He has failed before in life at things that mattered but now that is not an option and he must see if he has what it takes to live up to the challenge of saving his and the people's lives he cares about. I enjoyed losing myself in this story. It was a quick read with satisfying twists and a great ending. At first, I felt that Bill was not a character that I could like but the farther I read in to the story, I had to change my opinion. He is a definitely a character that grows on you. I look forward to reading more works by LB Cobb.


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