STICKS AND SCONES by Diane Mott Davidson
A Culinary Mystery Series
Bantam Ė April 2001
ISBN: 0553107240 Ė Hardcover
Amateur Sleuth

Reviewed by Brenda Weeaks,
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Sticks and Scones is tenth in the culinary mystery series.  Having followed this series from the beginning, I am a true fan of Colorado caterer Goldy Schulz and her Sherlockian ways. Readers can expect to see old faces mixed in with the new and one that will shake the Schulz marriage to its very foundation. They can also expect a mystery of action both  in and out of the kitchen. 

Number ten starts off with a bang, literally.  The Schulz house is in danger once again. Itís the middle of the night, and Tom is out of town.  The nearest place of safety is Hyde Castle, known as Poltergeist Palace, brought over from England piece by piece. Goldy and a reluctant Arch take up temporary residence there. Being married to a cop and sleuthing on the side has made Goldy suspicious in nature, even paranoid at times, but at no time have I seen this woman cautious. In this case, nothing has changed and with reason. After a loved one is hurt, she joins forces with a couple of Tomís fellow colleagues to find out who exactly is the target and why. The path leads in many directions with many suspects and scenarios. Goldy risks her life to discover the right one. 

Ms. Davidson doesnít waste time getting to the mystery. By the end of the first chapter, I had loads of questions and so did Goldy. While sleuthing, Goldy considers different scenarios, asks herself plenty of questions, and makes a list; all the while keeping the reader involved. There is one small spoiler mentioning past mysteries; some may notice it and some may not. I do recommend reading this cozy series in order simply because itís worth it.

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