STREAM OF DEATH by Bill Stackhouse
Poisoned Pen Press - 2001
ISBN 1890208566 - Hardbound
Police / Detective 

Reviewed by Beverly Rowe,
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The first chapter is a prologue that tells us of yet another German Counterintelligence atrocity that takes place in Sicily in 1943 during World War II.  It tells of the famed "Isabela" pendant, a five carat rose-colored diamond and a sworn Vendetta. 

The story takes place in the Northeastern United States, in Peekamoose Heights, where Ed McAvoy is Chief of Police.  Peekamoose Heights is a small town, where everyone knows everyone and the story is an intriguing blend of country cop and Mafioso. 

Fourteen year old Danny (whose mother "Stevie" is Chief McAvoy's girlfriend) loves to fish, and he and his dog Sandy become fishing buddies with Harvey and Matt, two old codgers who frequent the creek too. 

Sandy digs up a leather pouch that contains the "Isabela Pendant."  Then when Harvey is killed by a double shotgun blast, Chief McAvoy has his hands full; the pendant seems to be stolen, and the theft seems to be connected to Harvey's death. But, who killed Harvey, and why??

A fast paced, keep-you-guessing mystery with a wonderful cast of characters that you'll long remember.  I hope this author is thinking series with these characters.  The book leaves you wanting more. 

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