STRIKE HARD by Kevin P. Grover 
America House Publishers - 2000
ISBN: 155851322X - Trade Paperback

Reviewed by Barbara Buhrer,
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To fulfill the requirements for his degree in criminology, Army Sergeant Anthony
Wilson joins Colonel Nathan Hooks of Military Police Investigations to investigate the thefts of weapons from military bases. The entire intelligence community has no clue about the perpetrators. Each avenue of investigation is circumvented by someone inside.

An attempt is made on Tony's life. When the would-be assassin is apprehended, it is learned that a Nazi group in Argentina is behind the thefts. They plan to break into the U.S. Bullion Depository at Fort Knox and use the gold to finance a new Reich. It becomes a race for Nathan to convince the military, who refuse to believe him, to increase security at Fort Knox before the Nazis storm the Depository. The attack is made during a crippling snow storm. A fierce battle ensues.

This is a well developed plot with true-to-life characters. The writing style is smooth and readable with realistic dialogue and fast-moving action. This is a taut, suspenseful story showing enough of the potential dangers to this country to set alarm bells ringing. The author leaves us with the feeling that we will be reading more of Sergeant Anthony Wilson's experiences in the future.

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