THE TAINTED SNUFF BOX by Rosemary Stevens
A Beau Brummell Mystery No. 2
Berkley Prime Crime - May 2001
ISBN: 0425179486 - Hardcover
Historical Mystery / Regency Period

Reviewed by Brenda Weeaks,
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In Beau Brummellís second mystery, he meets up with the Prince of Wales at Brighton. After being threatened, the Prince has fled to his sanctuary by the sea.  He has even taken the precaution of a food taster -- a distasteful Baronet with bad manners. Victims appear pretty quick and suspects are many. Bow Street is brought in on the case and Beau meets up with the unfriendly detective from his last sleuthing experience. Despite this intimidating reunion, Beau risks his life, but not his fashion, to help his friends.

Itís witty, imaginative, and entertaining. Beau Brummell tells the story in first person and often lets the reader in on the mystery in a more personal manner. The regency era and historical facts are strongly presented. Many of the characters in the first mystery are back for a second appearance. They are well defined and consistent throughout. There are mentions concerning the first mystery, so I recommend you start the series at the beginning. And as luck would have it, the first Brummell mystery, Death on a Silver Tray, is coming out in paperback in May.

Expect a fun, light read. 

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