THE TENTH HOUSE by Phillip Tomasso 
Dry Bones Press - 2001 
ISBN: 1883938953- Trade Paperback
Private Investigator 

Reviewed by Robyn Glazer,

Nick Tartaglia, Private Investigator, is having a bad day. On his way to work he saves a woman jogger from being mugged and very likely worse. This doesn't sound so bad but then he gets stuck at the police station for hours, reporting the crime. Finally when he gets to work he finds a woman in his office, who asks him to find her murderer. 

Darla just happens to be a spirit (who doesn't like to be called a ghost). After the first couple of hours of disbelief, Nick receives irrefutable evidence. Darla's mother just happens to be Nick's old love and when he goes to see her, her story is enough to make him believe in Darla. Darla got herself mixed up with a cult and her mother, Karis believes Darla was sacrificed. It is up to Nick, with a little help from a friendly spirit, to find out the truth before another girl meets the same fate as Darla. 

The Tenth House starts off on a strong note and never falters not even for an instant. The story is so intriguing that I stayed up all night to finish it. It's been a while since I have run across a character so charismatic that it's not corny to see three women trying to be the one. Nick comes across as the real thing. I especially like the way Nick is trying to write a detective novel. A little bit of irony thrown in with sarcastic wit always helps a book. If you are the type of reader who doesn’t like hard-boiled situations, this might not be the book for you. There is explicit violence dealing with humans and animals. Fortunately for me, I'm not bothered by this and have found myself a new author. I absolutely loved this book and know other readers will also. 

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