Third Ring by Phillip Tomasso
Barclay Books - October 2001
1931402043 - Trade Paperback
Suspense, Violence

Reviewed by Robyn Glazer,
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It all begins with the burglary of an important book from an important CEO. While the two hired thieves are breaking into the safe to get the book, they're caught in the act. A gunfight ensues, resulting in the deaths of the CEO's young son and one of the burglars. The other burglar, Gordon Birdie, is apprehended and jailed. Birdie's lawyer decides to put a private investigator on the case to find out what really happened, since Birdie denies being the one to kill the son.

Enter Nick Tartaglia with his smart-ass wit and tough street fighting. Nick investigates and discovers something way bigger than he ever thought possible. The book has a connection to witchcraft and extreme power. If it falls into the wrong hands, it could be Nick's undoing as well as the world as we know it. Nick Tartaglia is an exceptional detective who does not doubt otherworldly happenings. He believes in ghosts and magic. It's his open mind which makes him so much fun to read about. He is tough but never to the point of being a thug.

Nick is involved in a relationship with a woman named Karis, who adds greatly to the story. She brings out a soft side of his personality that I am not sure we would see otherwise. The mystery in Third Ring is absolutely amazing. I loved the way Tomasso makes his sentences so powerful. He always manages to find exactly the right words to elicit the strongest emotions possible. This series is a winner, and I hope that many people find that out!

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