THE THIRD VICTIM by Lisa Gardner 
Bantam - Feb. 2000 
ISBN 0553578685 - Paperback 
Police / Detective - Thriller

Reviewed by Sue Johnson,
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 When Officer Rainie Connor is the first to arrive on the scene of a terrible crime, with no idea of the adversity she is about to face. This is Rainie's first homicide investigation and it threatens to awaken her private nightmares and unearth the shameful secrets that she had believed safely buried.

A horrible crime has occurred in the picturesque little town of Bakersville, Oregon. The community seeks instant justice and it appears that they may get their wish. A young boy is found holding the murder weapon in his hand and quickly confesses to the crime. It seems like a quick and easy solution, but not one with which  Rainie is satisfied. With the help of FBI profiler Pierce Quincy, Rainie must delve into the mystery .Did the boy really do this and if not; why was he so eager to confess? Why would he do such a thing? Did he act alone? If not, why is he confessing to it all? 

This is the third of Ms. Gardner's books that I have read. Each book has been wonderful and I eagerly anticipate each new release. She has yet to disappoint me. You find yourself caring for the characters and involved in what the final outcome will b e. In my humble opinion Ms. Gardner should be standing in the same league as Tammi Hoag and Iris Johansen. The pages cannot be turned fast enough and each revelation is more shocking than the last. Bravo! Ms. Gardner and More! More! Please! 

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