THREE FOR A LETTER by Mary Reed and Eric Mayer
Poisoned Pen Press - December 2001
ISBN: 1890208825 - Hardcover
Historical Mystery- 539 AD in Constantinople

Reviewed by Nancy Mehl,
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A play presented to the Royal Court of the revered Emperor Justinian is nothing if not dramatic. The mime, Barnabus, a dwarf, and a favorite of the Empress Theodora, plays the part of Jonah to the hilt. The performance is highlighted by the presence of a huge, mechanical whale, designed to swallow the small man whole, thus portraying the story of the fall of Nineveh. However, when the jaws of the large metal beast open, the mangled body of a young boy, Gadaric, one of a set of twins descended from the last Ostrogothic king, lies motionless in the leviathan's mouth. And Barnabus has disappeared.

John, Lord Chamberlain to the Emperor, questions the maker of the mechanical whale, Hero. The inventor assures him that the boy's death was not an accident. John sets out to find out who wanted Gadaric dead - and why.

In this third book of the John the Eunuch series, the saga of the man whose life was changed forever when he was captured and disfigured by slave traders, continues within the richness of a time and place where most readers have never ventured. It is 539 AD, and the story is set in Constantinople, a place full of magic, mysticism and mayhem. John is a unique blend of loyalty, conscience, and depth. Readers will find him to be someone they want to know more about. He is an appealing character from the past, who transitions well into the present.

As always, Mary Reed and Eric Mayer have presented us with a wonderful gift in THREE FOR A LETTER. Readers who love history will be enchanted, while readers who enjoy mystery will be enthralled.

I can't say enough about John the Eunuch, and about the authors who have given us this breathtaking series.

I highly recommend THREE FOR A LETTER, right along with its predecessors, ONE FOR SORROW, and TWO FOR JOY.

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