A James P. Dandy Elderhostel Mystery

By Peter Abresch
Write Way Publishing - January 2001
ISBN 1-885173-92-X - Hardcover

Mystery / Amateur Sleuth


Reviewed by: Sue Johnson, MyShelf.Com
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This book was a "Jim Dandy" good read. The setting for this book was on the Santee Lakes in South Carolina. As that is near to where I live and we have fished there the location was familiar and easy to picture in my mind. This made the book appealing in its own right, but after the first couple of pages I found that the characters have a appeal all their own.


James P. Dandy AKA Jim Dandy is a retired physical therapist who lost his wife to cancer in the not to distant past. Dodee Swisher is his now significant other and an artist. They met at a previous Elderhostel. They allude to other trips that they have made including one to learn to make Bonsai and one where they took cooking lessons. Seems they may have run into some loose cadavers in these trips as well. Jim states from the very start they are going to stay out of trouble with the law on this a canoeing trip.


After arriving at their destination, a 4-H camp they meet with a wonderful group of people that are also "Advanced in wisdom" as quoted in the book.
Believe me this group does not act their age. Not long into the story dead bodies begin to pop up and it seems inevitable that Jim and Dodee will become involved.


I must admit I had figured out the plot or reason for the deaths early on but with the wonderful characters and the beautiful descriptions of the area the book was still a joy to read. I just hope that when I am old enough to retire I have the wit, stamina and energy that this group does. Once more I will say "This was a Jim Dandy good book"

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