The Trouble With Tenors by Lorrie Ham
A Gospel Music Mystery featuring Alexandra Walters, No. 2
AmErica House Publishers - September 01, 2001
ISBN: 1588513807 - Trade Paperback
Amateur Sleuth

Reviewed by Susan Johnson,
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Alexandra Walters is a gospel music singer and soloist. She had agreed to emcee the gospel music convention being held in her hometown of Donlyn, California. Alexandra was also doing her best to raise her daughter alone, until her husband waltzed back into the picture.

He shows up at her front door with a new wife and announces his intentions of fighting for custody of their only child. Needless to say that the fight is on and in a very public way. Bitter words are exchanged. Soon mayhem strikes as first Mike, the ex-husband, is murdered, soon followed by an aspiring young gospel music singer who is discovered to be carrying Mike's illegitimate child.

All fingers are pointed to Alexandra as her all too public disagreements have made her the very obvious, main suspect. As Alexandra fights to clear her name, more and more suspects emerge. The reader is treated to a look at the often hidden underside of the gospel music industry. The small town setting, along with Alexandra's sense of morals makes this book an engaging read.

This the second in the gospel music mystery series makes for a good cozy but I must say that the quirky characters that inhabit this book are what made the story work for me.

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