TWO FOR JOY by Mary Reed, Eric Mayer
Poisoned Pen Press - October 2000
ISBN: 189020837X - Hardcover
Historical Mystery (Review 1)

Reviewed by Brenda Weeaks,
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Back for his second mystery is John the Eunuch, Lord Chamberlain to the Emperor. The mystery takes place in Constantinople during the reign of Justinian and Theodora. Two for Joy is an impressive mystery about roman courts, religion, miracles, respect, heartache, loyalty, and friendship. 

John has his hands full when a former teacher/pagan philosopher appears unannounced at his door and wanders into trouble more than once; A trio of stylites (Holy men) simultaneously burst into flame while on their pillars; Anatolius, Johnís friend and secretary to the emperor, puts together a banquet for his father that turns tragic; and a Christian prophetís sermons and miracles bring both peace and chaos.

Christianity, Paganism, and Mithraism are weaved throughout this roman mystery. Ecliptic, colorful characters fill the pages Ė some returning from the first mystery. The historical details are substantial and informative without being confusing, and the added bonus is a glossary at the back.  Two for Joy maybe part of a series, but it held itís own, and references to the last mystery, One For Sorrow, did not read as spoilers. 

In starting Two for Joy, I found there was no stopping. The intriguing mystery, genuine characters, and historical quality captivated me. Two for Joy is a historical whodunit that will keep its readers in place until the last page is turned. 

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