UNFINISHED BUSINESS by Barbara Seranella
A Munch Mancini Crime Novel
Scribner - May 2001
ISBN: 0743212665 - Hardcover
Suspense / Thriller

Reviewed by Susan McBride, MyShelf.com
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"Munch" Mancini, auto mechanic turned amateur sleuth, takes another stab at solving a murder in Barbara Seranella's latest, UNFINISHED BUSINESS.  A former wild child with a past that would've killed a weaker woman, Munch is feeling pretty good about life.  She's doing well working at the auto shop in Brentwood where LA's rich and famous bring their fancy cars for service and she's chauffeuring in her limo on the side.  She's also adopted the daughter of a former lover, and little Asia has turned Munch into "Mommy," a title she finds she likes.

Then a customer turns up dead, and Munch takes it personally.  Diane Bergman had hired her to chauffeur drunken guests home from a charity party the night before, so she's stunned when she hears the news.  To make matters worse, she learns another customer had been brutally raped but had lived to tell the details, many of which are eerily similar to Diane's case.  When Munch comes out from under the hood and starts to snoop, things get downright dangerous.

Seranella's UNFINISHED BUSINESS is a book that will have readers rushing to turn the pages.  Munch Mancini is as high octane a mystery protagonist as you'll find in the genre.  A fast-paced, dare-you-to-put-it-down summer read.

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