THE UNREAL McCOY by Dennis Collins
AmErica House - December 2000
ISBN: 1588511596 - Paperback
Detective Mystery

Reviewed by Nancy Mehl,
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Police Detective Albert McCoy isn't sure what it is about the beating of Michael O'Connor that bothers him the most. Is it the fact that Michael reminds him of his late younger brother, or is it that something about the whole incident stinks to high heaven? Whatever it is, McCoy, and his partner, Detective Sergeant Otis Springfield, find themselves knee deep in missing suspects and dead bodies. As they investigate a possible insurance scam involving stolen jewelry, they come up with more questions than answers. Exactly what has Michael gotten himself into? Who is sending him black flowers with equally dark threats? While Michael and the detectives try to sort out clues that lead in different and confusing directions, Michael's love interest, Marie Sielli, the daughter of his landlord, stays close by, determined to win the heart of the reluctant young man.

THE UNREAL McCOY is the first in a series that introduces readers to McCoy, a smart, street-wise detective, and Springfield, his unconventional partner. The action is fast paced, and the characters are tightly drawn and inviting. McCoy is hard-edged and quick-witted. The dialogue is sharp and engaging. An intriguing ending brings about the possibility of an interesting change in the direction that McCoy and Springfield may take in the next installment.

I enjoyed this novel very much, and I'll certainly be watching for the next offering in this super series!

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