VANISHING POINT by Judith Van Gieson
A Claire Reynier Mystery, No. 2
Signet - 2001
ISBN 0451202406 - Paperback
Amateur Sleuth

Reviewed by Tom Walcher,
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One of Claire Reynier's jobs as an archivist at the University of New Mexico is to preserve the legacy of Jonathan Vail, the author of A Blue-Eyed Boy, a Sixty's coming of age novel. He disappeared during a camping trip in 1966. One day a graduate student comes into Claire's office bringing with him Vail's journal from the campsite. As part of checking whether the journal is real, she goes to the campsite where she finds the body of the graduate student. In spite of her better judgment, Claire decides to find out who killed the student and whether Vail is still alive.

I did not enjoy this book as much as the first one, The Stolen Blue, but did not find it a bad read. I felt that the characters especially Claire were static and did not show any change from the first novel. It seemed that Claire was the same person at the beginning of The Stolen Blue than she was at the end of Vanishing Point. I believe that if one is involved in solving two crimes, the experience would change a person. I feel that Claire is a character that I could enjoy and hope to see grow throughout the series.

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