Vendetta Defense by Lisa Scottoline
Harper Collins - Feb 2001
ISBN: 0060185074 - Hardcover
Legal Thriller

Reviewed by Barbara Buhrer,
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There was never any doubt about the guilt of Pigeon Tony Lucia. He admitted to killing Angelo Coluzzi who raped and murdered Tony's wife, destroyed his son and daughter-in-law, and threatened the life of his grandson. He claims that it was not murder, but a pay back, a vendetta, for these crimes which occurred years ago in Fascist Italy.

It is the job of Judy Carrier, member of Bennie Rosato's all female Philadelphia law firm, to find a defense for him. This is made difficult by a vendetta plotted against Tony, Judy, and Tony's family by the Coluzzi family. Also complicating the defense is a romance brewing between Tony's grandson, Frank, and Judy. Before justice is served, Judy and Tony will be fighting for their lives.

As always Scottoline's story is well written and well plotted. It moves rapidly with building suspense. The character development is excellent. The story ranges from Fascist Italy to present day America and shows how forces can turn a decent, good-hearted man into a killer. This is handled with intelligence and sympathy. The fine legal points are intriguing and thought provoking. There are enough suspense and plot twists to capture the reader's attention. A must read.

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