Web of Delusion by T. Wayne Williams
The Aegis, Book One
AmErica House Book Publishers - 2000
ISBN: 1-58851-940-6 - Paperback

Reviewed by Jo Rogers, MyShelf.com
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WEB OF DELUSION is the beginning of a chilling mystery that has all too real possibilities. As with MERIDIAN, one wonders where truth leaves off and fiction begins.

Amanda Cawthon, a freelance investigative journalist, has just been given the assignment of her dreams. She has been invited to do an article on the Aegis Foundation, an organization which gives young women abortions, including late-term and partial-birth abortions. Some of them are provided free of charge in exchange for the right to use the fetal tissue in research.

As a pro-choice advocate, Amanda jumps at the chance to laud an organization that provides care long enough that the young patient will not bleed to death like her sister, Veronica, did. She will even be able to interview the genius behind the organization, Dr. Harmut Jakobs. But someone in Aegis doesn't want Amanda to finish her assignment, and is willing to kill to stop her.

WEB OF DELUSION delves deeply into the abortion issue. Yes, it is written with a Christian slant. But it also explains that the issue can't be seen in just black and white, but many shades of gray. What is wrong for one may be necessary for another. Book One is just the beginning, and the plot goes much deeper than just abortion rights for women. I anxiously await the sequel.

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