WEDNESDAY’S CHILD by Deborah Shlian and Joel Shlian Press - 2000
ISBN: 1583485619 - Trade Paperback
Psychological Suspense

Reviewed by Pam Stone,
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Dr. Leigh Novak decides to take her son Jeremy away from Los Angeles and to a small town in Northern California called Hartwood, population 3000. The day they arrived should have been happy, but instead went from bad to worse. Leigh finds old Doc Ellsford slumped over in his chair, half dead from a stroke. Once Leigh sees Doc off in the town’s only ambulance, Gabe Barker comes rushing in with his 3 year old son Brian who has a very high fever and is in a coma. Brian stops breathing shortly after they arrive. Leigh works on Brian for thirty minutes without any results, Little Brian is dead, and he should not be gone he only had the chicken pox. Along the way, Leigh finds friendship in Nora, a well respected childcare giver.

WEDNESDAY’S CHILD gives a disturbing description of child abuse, but this is not just a book about child abuse, it’s a story about small town life and its secrets. The Shlians have written a fast paced, taut and very compelling story, I found the book spellbinding and hard to put down. If you like Mary Higgins Clark you will love WEDNESDAY’S CHILD.

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