Top Publications - March 2001
ISBN: 929976062 - Paperback
 Suspense / Thriller

Reviewed by Sue Johnson, MyShelf.com
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Lisa Littau had always had a loving family life. While on her deathbed her Mother gives a startling confession. Not only was Lisa adopted, but illegally so. Her new parents even paid for her. Before dying Lisa's mother extracts a promise from Lisa that she wills search for her true family whom she believes to be extremely wealthy.

In an attempt to follow her mother's wishes Lisa goes to Dallas but then hits an apparent dead end. As Lisa digs deeper for the truth she is unknowingly unearthing secrets that a very powerful and wealthy man cannot afford to have see the light of day. While her search is underway bizarre accidents and calamities face her at every turn. Will Lisa discover the secret of her hidden family before someone ends her quest with death? Will her search for her family cost her the love of the one man she most desires?

This book was very enjoyable. At the very beginning, almost from page one the reader is hooked. Pages must be turned in rapid succession to discover the fate of Lisa and the true identity of her family.

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