Avon -  2001 
ISBN 0380804743 - Paperback 
Cozy Mystery

Reviewed by Mary Lynn, MyShelf.com
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Helma Zukas, librarian and part time sleuth has finally met the children of Police Chief Wayne Gallant.  Although unwilling to admit that she and the chief are any more than friends, when the chief is seriously injured after a murder, Helma finds herself unable to fully concentrate on her work. Still instead of surrendering the name of the library patron who is suspected of trying to murder the chief, Miss Zukas, with the chief's kids in tow and with the help of her friend Ruth, sets out to track down the person responsible for the chief's injury.  But how will she fare against the person ruthless enough to disable and nearly kill the chief? 

Miss Zukas Shelves The Evidence is by far my favorite Miss Zukas mystery to date.  Although I originally began reading this series because I love cozy mysteries, I continued to read, in part, because of the slowly developing love story between Miss Zukas and the chief.  After the latest book in the series, where Helma finally calls the chief by his name and sits by his bedside, I think even Miss Zukas would have to admit that she and the chief are "involved." 

Ms. Dereske did an excellent job with Miss Zukas Shelves The Evidence.  It's going to be a long haul until Miss Zukas's next case. 


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