2nd Chance
By James Patterson with Andrew Gross
Little Brown & Company - March 2002
ISBN: 0316693200 - Hardcover

Reviewed by: Robyn Glazer, MyShelf.Com

When there is a rash of particularly horrifying murders, no one thinks to connect them, except for Lieutenant Lindsay Boxer. Lindsay has been on leave from her job because of the traumatic ending of her last case. She knows the situation must be bad if they are calling her back to work. Indeed it is. A church has been targeted and once the mayhem dies down, an eleven-year-old girl is dead. Two deaths follow quickly after and everyone is scared. The only thing that these victims have in common is that they are either black cops or related to one.

Lindsay is stumped and so for a second time, she gathers The Women's Murder Club. This is a secret group consisting of a reporter, a district attorney, a police officer and a medical examiner. They all gather to pool their information and hopefully come to a conclusion that makes sense. Lindsay is pressured to figure this case out as soon as possible because the FBI is chomping at the bit to take over. However, now that Lindsay is back at work, there is no way she is letting any one take over her case. She is coming close to the end when she realizes just how important this case is to her career and her life.

2nd Chance is a good thriller with a few problems. The Women's Murder Club is something that could get all of the participants into serious trouble yet Lindsay marches them all into the evidence room, not even caring who sees them. That scene stuck out and pulled me from the action, which until that point was speeding along. One other thing that bothered me was the wording at certain times. I think that Patterson pulls off talking in a woman's voice for the most part but there are certain points where it does not quite ring true.

Otherwise, this was a book that held my attention and I really like Lindsay Boxer. I felt her emotions were very realistic and she was successful at reining them in when necessary. Also, I enjoyed reading about the close relationship that these four women have struck up. They stand together through tragedy as well as the good times. Their friendship is ultimately what will keep me reading this series.

James Patterson is the author of 1st to Die.

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