By Libby Fischer Hellmann
Berkley Prime Crime - December 2002
ISBN: 042518739X - Paperback
E: Some explicit material

Reviewed by Nancy Mehl for
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An old man dies alone in a boarding house in Chicago. A scrap of paper is discovered in his coat pocket with the name Ellie Foreman scribbled on it, along with a telephone number. The landlady who found him contacts Ellie, telling her about the note and asking how she is related to Ben Sinclair. Ellie, a documentary filmmaker, is baffled. She doesn't recognize his name. She goes to the dead man's apartment to try to find out what connection she could possibly have to the elderly man. Her search for answers only leads to more questions as she realizes that Ben was not who he had pretended to be. An old photograph, an unusual lighter, and a locked box seem to point to a mysterious past. But mystery gives way to terror when the landlady is killed and the young boy who taught the old man how to use the Internet to track Ellie is viciously attacked. Ellie finds herself thrown into the past as she is confronted with long-buried skeletons as well as current secrets that someone will kill to protect.

AN EYE FOR MURDER is a well-written debut novel that will keep you turning the pages. Hellman delivers her plot at a tempo that keeps the action moving and the reader intrigued. The characters are strong and the mystery demands a solution. I will be looking for the next offering from this talented new author.

Nancy Mehl is the author of "Graven Images" and "Sinner's Song."

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