Another Fine Mess
A Bridget Montrose Mystery
By Lora Roberts
Perseverance Press - October 2002
ISBN: 1880284545- TPB
Mystery / Amateur Sleuth

Reviewed by Robyn Glazer, MyShelf.Com
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Bridget Montrose is incredibly lucky with her first novel. Besides the fact that it has actually sold, it has also landed on the New York Times Bestseller List. Bridget is ecstatic about her success, but also scared. This accomplishment only makes getting the second book written even harder. Besides having four children and a husband to take care of, now Bridget has to worry about living up to her first book. In desperation, she applies to a writer's retreat, never actually thinking they will take her. Lo and behold, Bridget is accepted and is off for two weeks for an intense writing experience.

As soon as Bridget gets there, she feels the tension among one of the most famous writers, Johanna Ashbrook, and the rest of the writers. After a couple of days fraught with conflict, Johanna's drowned body is pulled out of the ocean. Although some people think that she has killed herself, the general consensus is that she was murdered. As the police look into the matter, Bridget gets the feeling that they might not think she is as innocent as she says. With some previous detecting under her belt, Bridget knows what to do about this wrong assumption.

Another Fine Mess is Lora Robert's eight book. It is also a departure from her Liz Sullivan series, although Liz is in this book. She does not play a huge role, but she puts in appearances. Bridget Montrose is great character and if Roberts isn't going to write about Liz, this is the best alternate choice.

Bridget is a multi-faceted character who does what she feels is right at all costs. What stands out about this book is the mystery itself, superbly written and with clues given at just the right pace. It was great fun trying to guess the solution before Bridget. I loved this book and am happy that Roberts has so many great characters to choose from for stories.


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