At First Sight
By Jodie Larsen
Hawk Publishing Group - January 28, 2001
ISBN: 1-930709-33-1 - Hardcover
ISBN: 1-930709-39-0 - Trade Paperback
Mystery / Suspense
for violence and language

Reviewed by Jo Rogers, MyShelf.Com
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Kaycee Miller is a successful psychologist in Tulsa, Oklahoma, who specializes in handwriting analysis. Though some of her peers think she is off the wall, she can very accurately profile a person's behavior patterns. But Kaycee may not be able to work much longer. If the doctor's diagnosis is correct, she is facing a dark future, slowly going blind. She already has difficulty driving at night.

When the story opens, she is in New Mexico doing an analysis for a parole board. The subject, a ruthless killer, terrifies her. Kaycee never dreamed she would cross paths with Willy Thornton. Nor was she ready to meet Max Masterson and his Search and Rescue dog, Stagga. Kaycee was planning to move to New Mexico and care for her disabled sister, Niki. Niki had had a stroke, the result of a shot of cocaine a so-called friend had talked her into trying and she is now a paraplegic. Since their parents had been killed in an accident, Kaycee felt she needed to give up her dream home and business in Tulsa and care for Niki.

AT FIRST SIGHT grabbed my interest from the first page and never let go. The suspense builds from the opening and won't let you put the book down. At the end, just when you think the story is all over but the shouting, the plot takes another twist, leaving the reader wondering why he or she didn't see that coming. This is a book for all mystery fans. Enjoy!

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