Banshee Rising
By Walter Ihlefield
Xlibris Corp. Oct 2001
ISBN: 1401021328 - Paperback
Contemporary / Police

Reviewed by: Barbara Buhrer, MyShelf.Com
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Edna Johnson reveals to Mitchell Parks that she "sees" Sara McCafferty in his attic window once a week. The McCafferty family had left Bridgeway suddenly 20 years ago and were never heard from. Sara was engaged to Johnson's son, who was killed in Vietnam. Edna asks Mitchell to "meet" Sara and find out what happened to the family and why she can't rest.

Mitchell is a police officer who was a Navy Seal with the code-name "Banshee". As a child he was trained by his grandfather, a Lakota warrior, in the ways of the Spirit World. He has the ability to become invisible and his spirit--as Banshee--can become deadly.

With the assistance of Detective Dana Warren and his friend, Owen "Hawk" Taggert, also a former Seal, Mitchell probes into the past of the town to learn the truth of the disappearance of the McCafferty family. Their search places them in peril.

This is a well-plotted story with enough details given so the reader can picture the town and its people. You can experience the events as they happen. The characters are diverse and real. This is a quick read with the interest maintained throughout.

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