Behind the Green Water
By J M Taylor
Blue Eagle Press - August 2001
ISBN: 1879043114 - Paperback
Contemporary Military Thriller

Reviewed by: Barbara Buhrer, MyShelf.Com
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Major Nash Devon, North Carolinian descendant of Lumbee Indians and
Scotch Irish, , is assigned to the UN High Commission for Refugees as an agricultural advisor in Iraq but is really assigned to search for a weapon of mass destruction that the Iraqis may have hidden along the Syrian border.

The military attaché, Houston, assigns him to the job, and his secretary, Birdie Waters, betrays them by relaying this information to Colonel Kahn at the Pakistani embassy. When he arrives at his destination he is at a loss to determine his purpose there. At the site is Renee Granwin, there to bring food to the starving women and children. Devon has a difficult relationship with her. Her true purpose is to locate the Image of Christ, an icon her French archeologist grandfather believed to be hidden in the area. In pursuit of their individual agendas, they experience a belligerent military, aerial bombings, dangerous hidden land mines, and a nuclear explosion.

The author has presented a narrative which the reader can identify with present day events. The portrayal of the plight of the people and the appalling conditions in which they live is vivid. The barren stark land is made very real. The plot is filled with action, treachery, suspense and conspiracy. There is enough adventure and daring-do to satisfy the most demanding reader. Devon could join the ranks of Dirk Pitt and Indiana Jones.

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