By Keith Miles
Poisoned Pen Press - March 2002
ISBN: 1590580044 - Hardcover

Reviewed by: Nancy Mehl for
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Alan Saxon, a well known professional golfer, and past winner of the British Open, comes to Bermuda to assist in designing a golf course at an upscale resort. He wants to spend some time with his daughter, Lynette, on holiday from Oxford, but his plans are complicated by Lynette's friend, Jessica Hadlow, the spoiled, incorrigible daughter of a rich international businessman. While Lynette and Jessica spend much of their time with two young men they've met at the resort, Alan deals with a string of continuous and disconcerting problems that plague the construction of the golf course. When the complications include murder, and the girls are kidnapped, Alan realizes that it's no longer about a game - someone is playing for keeps.

While Alan fights to keep his partner in Bermuda and the golf course project alive, his ex-wife flies out to join in the search for their daughter. Jessica's father, a decidedly unpleasant man, also comes to Bermuda. Balancing the kidnappers, his ex-wife, Jessica's angry father, his partner, an attractive woman he met just before the kidnapping, and the hotel management, becomes quite a challenge as Alan sorts through the available clues - hoping to discover a way to bring his daughter back alive.

BERMUDA GRASS is a very well written, engrossing novel. The characterizations are effective, giving the story a compelling sense of reality. The golf environment is exploited just enough to capture the reader's interest, but will not turn off those who are not involved in the game. The mystery aspect is handled masterfully. Miles presents several possibilities - teasing the reader with each one - and in the end, delivering a solid and satisfying conclusion.

I highly recommend BERMUDA GRASS.

Nancy Mehl is the author of Graven Images and Sinner's Song.

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