Bishop Blackie Ryan Series
By Andrew M. Greeley
Tom Doherty Associates - July 2002
ISBN: 0312868731 - Hardcover

Reviewed by Barbara Buhrer, MyShelf.Com
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There is a poltergeist roaming through the White House, causing upset and confusion.

The President is Jack"Machine Gun" McGurn, an Irish Catholic from Chicago. Cardinal Sean Cronin of the Chicago Archdiocese feels it their duty to solve this mystery. He dispatches Bishop Blackwood "Blackie"Ryan to Washington to lay the poltergeist to rest.

At the White House, Blackie finds McGurn is beset by many problems. In addition to the sorrow from the tragic death of his beloved wife which he cannot shake, he has a crisis in China, a hostile press, the Republican party which is reluctant to concede his election victory and a disgruntled vice president who is campaigning for the next presidential election. He is supported by a loyal staff, including Marianna Genovesa, his deputy chief- of-staff and his two irrepressible daughters.

Blackie roams the halls of the White House, seeking clues about the poltergeist's identity. He suspects the Republican Party, but also has doubts about someone within Jack's own party who is seeking to discredit him.

There is an attack on the White House and an attempt to assassinate the President before Blackie is able to ferret out the real culprit.

This is a delightfut story of a few days in the White House with a group of engaging characters. The story is well-plotted and credible. The action moves along at a rapid pace. The dialogue is witty.

The narrative of Jack McGurn's life and rise in politics and his role as president is engrossing. McGurn is a charismatic character with many sterling characteristics. Were he to run for President he would have my vote.

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