The Burning of Her Sin
By Patty Henderson
Barclay Books - March 2002
ISBN: 1931402264 - TPB

Reviewed by: Robyn Glazer, MyShelf.Com
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Most people have never had a near death experience so they don't know how it can change a person's life. While working as a lawyer in a prestigious law firm, Brenda Strange comes face to face with death. A disgruntled ex client decides that killing all the people in the law firm will solve his problems. His rampage leaves most of the people dead and Brenda hanging on by a string. She manages to hang on and when she awakes from a coma, she is a different person. Her and her partner, Tina, don't realize quite how different she is right away. Living in the same town where the shooting took place, is not helping Brenda recover or have a healthy relationship with Tina so they both decide to buy a summerhouse. While they are shopping around, they are come across a house called the Malfour. Brenda knows instantly this is the house made for her. When they move in, Brenda discovers that she has acquired psychic abilities and the house is calling her. The Malfour has secret affairs, murders and captivating letters, all of which, Brenda is meant to find. The house and its secrets begin to encompass Brenda's every waking thought, she knows that she must solve the past mystery of the Malfour before she loses everything- including her life.

The Burning of Her Sin is the first book in the Brenda Strange book. What really stood out about this book was it's setting. I felt that I was really in this big, beautiful house. I could feel its malovence swirling through out the air. Even the area that the house is in is beautifully described. Brenda's family situation is one thing that really caught my attention. I found it very captivating yet there wasn't much on her family. Hopefully in the next book, Henderson will go into further depth with this aspect of Brenda's life. I also really liked Tina, an important secondary character. I almost liked her more than Brenda. I could feel her frustration with Brenda and understood her positions throughout the book. This was a very good book and I look forward to reading more by Patty Henderson.

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