By Jan Letoha
Port Town Publishing - 2002
ISBN: 0971623945 - Trade Paperback
Contemporary/ Suspense

Reviewed by: Barbara Buhrer, MyShelf.Com
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Jessa Jones, a young Georgia high school history teacher, has researched the Georgia family, the Delacroys. She has become so obsessed with the family that she becomes part of the ill fated triangles of past generations---16th century Rodrigo de la Croix and Calatina and Daniel Morgan or William Robert D'Lacroy and Elizabeth and Christopher Hawkins (American Revolution) or Josephine and Roderick Delacroy and Morgan Brady (Civil War).

Is this time travel, reincarnation, the machinations of a poltergeist (the evil Black Friar, who feeds on fear) or, as her psychiatrist believes, evidence of a multiple personality. Or is it simply the product of her overworked imagination?

This is a complex story, skillfully weaving the tragic events of several generations into a mind challenging narrative. The characters are fully developed, with their weaknesses and problems. The scenes describing Jessa's experiences in her classroom with her pupils are grim, enough to discourage anyone who is contemplating becoming a teacher.

This reader has been left with unanswered questions...what is real? what is the truth?

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