Cash Call
A Stan Turner Mystery, No. 4
By William Manchee
Tops Publication -
ISBN: 0-9666366-8-6 - Trade Paperback
Mystery / PI Lawyer

Reviewed by: Brenda Weeaks, MyShelf.Com
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PI Lawyer Stan Turner is back in his fourth mystery. "Cash Call" is written in the first person with Turner's voice leading readers through his latest perplexing case.

Readers will discover that Turner isn't a stereotypical lawyer, like those on television. He isn't part of a large lawyer group, nor is he rolling in dough. He accepts clients who have had little, if any, money and shows compassion for those who have trouble paying their bill. He even accepts goods instead of cash for payment. In his personal life, he is a serious family man, intent on providing for his kids and being with them as much as possible. He is also a loyal husband, although his eye does wonder occasionally. Stan Turner is one of the best lead characters to come along in quite some time.

In "Cash Call," Turner accepts a case for a friend who seems to have made a deadly investment. Don Blaylock hires Turner to help him when the investment invades his financial life through a frozen bank account and bad checks. A man named Luther Bell brought Don into a restaurant investment. In this investment, Don and the other partners receive one too many "cash calls," which means they were expected to come up with cash capital each time the restaurant has a cash flow problem or loses their interest. Someone wasn't happy with the way Luther was handling things and made a call of a different kind.

Once the murder occurs, the mystery begins to unfold, taking readers down various paths of suspects and alibis. There is enough doubt and suspicion, along with other storylines to keep the pages turning. Again, Manchee has provided readers with an impressive contemporary mystery to test even the most experienced sleuthing mind.

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