A Lillian Morgan Mystery
By Alan Cook
First Publish, Inc. - 2002
ISBN: 1931743479 - Trade Paperback
Mystery / Amateur sleuth / Contemporary

Reviewed by Barbara Buhrer, MyShelf.Com
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Lillian Morgan, a retired university mathematics professor, lives in the retirement community of Silver Acres in North Carolina. Lillian's serene life of bridge, chess, and aerobics is disrupted when her granddaughter Sandra's boyfriend, Mark Pappas, a professor at the small local college, is accused of sexual harassment by Elise Hoffman, one of his students. College policy prevents him from defending himself or confronting his accuser.

Before Mark and Lillian are able to defend him, his accuser, Elise, is found in her room, stabbed to death.

With the help of her fellow retirees, Tess and Wesley, Lillian sets out to prove Mark's innocence. She delves into Elise's activities and is sure that Elise is the Shooting Star, an exotic dancer, a prime attraction at the Club Cavalier, a local strip joint. She investigates
Elise's father, Eric, who is a fanatic, publishing the license plates of frequenters of the Club on his web site. Finding what his daughter was doing could be a reason for murder. Elise's roommate, Donna, and Elise's boy friend also had reason to kill her.

There are many conflicting stories and lies uncovered before the killer confronts Mark.

The dialogue is witty. The problems of prejudice are clearly depicted. The atmosphere of the retirement community, the strip club, and the college is very realistically portrayed. This is a fast moving story, featuring an engaging senior citizen with wit, intelligence and a few weaknesses of an aging body.

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