A Haunting Mystery
By Sharon Cullars
www.virtualbookworm.com - August 2002
Mystery, Romance / African-American Interest

Reviewed by Jen Oliver, MyShelf.Com
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This book takes an interesting look at a family murder. This book is appropriately named, as it appears that Cheryl Thompson is haunted by her Aunt Celia. Cheryl returns to her deceased grandmother's home and is soon sees images of her aunt everywhere. As Cheryl investigates her family's history, she uncovers a twist that includes her family members having an affair with a white man who is running for political office. Cheryl looks towards Arthur Blevins, an attorney who was hired to handle Cheryl's grandmother's estate. A romantic relationship ensues between Cheryl and Arthur.

Ms. Cullars does a wonderful job in developing in these unforgettable characters. She subtlety introduces the subject of racism into the story without making it a focus of the plot. The reader does not look at the race of the characters until the affair with the political official is brought to light. The plot development of the mystery is fascinating and keeps the reader turning pages. The romance between Arthur and Cheryl is believable and does not overpower the overall story.

"Celia: A Haunting Mystery" takes an ordinary family mystery and turns it into a well written, anticipating story.


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