By Jack Allen
Burping Frog Publishing - March 2002
ISBN: 0970305303 - Trade Paperback
Spy Thriller / Contemporary - for explicit material

Reviewed by: Barbara Buhrer, MyShelf.Com
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Josh McGowan, Naval Intelligence agent, is to fly to the Sea of Othosk to bring back a Russian woman, Valeria Konstantinov, a member of the KGB. She should have vital information for the CIA, who have instigated her escape from the Soviet prison.

The Soviets are anxious to recapture her, as is Mironov, a Soviet politician who wants to use her to discredit the new Soviet Republic and establish himself as head of the Communist state. Mironov has a two-fold object: to recapture Valerie, and to kill McGowan, who has thwarted his plans several times in the past.

During his attempt to bring Valerie to Washington, the ship Josh is on is blown out of the water by a Soviet warship. He has to elude the Japanese police, find the scientist who is perfecting a formula for a non-detectable explosive and find Valerie, who has escaped from him in an effort to meet her lover, Yuri, brother of a member of the Russian black market.

This is a well-crafted story which holds the reader's interest from the first page. The action continues at a fast pace throughout. The characters are well-drawn. Jock is most likeable man: full of deep thought, action and integrity. I hope we will be reading more of him in the future.

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