By Jack Allen
Burping Frog Publishing - 2001
ISBN: 0970305303 - Paperback
Thriller / Suspense
for explicit material

Reviewed by: Nancy Mehl,
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Joshua McGowan works for U.S. Naval Intelligence. Although he's involved in one undercover operation, he's called into a situation that has the potential to vault the Communist Party back into power. Ordered to immediately abandon his current situation, Josh spurns authority to finish what he's started, with a commitment to protect the lives of others who may be in harm's way.

Josh is an enigma. He's a killing machine with a heart, sometimes questioning his own decisions and wondering if his days as one of his country's top undercover agents are numbered. His current assignment will test everything he is - and everything he should be. He must bring in a female Russian agent. Valeria Konstaninova knows things that the U.S. must learn quickly. The tales of her exploits don't prepare Josh for the lost, frightened young woman he finds - and falls in love with. But Valeria has her own agenda - and her own secrets. Josh is being pulled this way and that by forces he struggles to understand. He must protect Valeria at all costs - but exactly who is after her? And is there anyone he can trust?

CHANGE OF HEART is a fast moving, edge-of-your-seat thriller that doesn't let up from start to finish. Although not normally a fan of spy thrillers, this novel is absolutely one of the best novels I've ever read. The action is non-stop, but the suspense doesn't sacrifice the superb characterizations. Jack Allen dropped me in the middle of a plot that held on to me with both hands. I found myself groaning out loud when one twist turned into another. The end was surprising - but perfect.

Tom Clancy, watch out. Jack Allen is nipping at your heels!


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