Chasing the Dime
By Michael Connelly
Read by Jonathan Davis
Little Brown & Company - October 2002
ISBN: 1586214500 - unabridged edition

Reviewed by Brenda Weeaks, MyShelf.Com
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Michael Connelly is an award-winning author, known for writing suspenseful page-turners. I have found his work to be absolutely addictive. In his latest work, "Chasing the Dime," the lead character is scientist, Henry Pierce.

Pierce has his own lab and his obsession is the creation of a molecular computer. This obsession is why he recently lost his latest media spokesman and love interest, Nicky. With all the guilt and commitment removed, Pierce can now spend all his time "chasing the dime" and settling into his new apartment.

With Pierce's new apartment comes a new phone number and a strange new way of occupying his rare free moments. His new phone number once belonged to a woman from an escort service. For Pierce, the messages move from irritating to intriguing. This suddenly missing call girl reminds Pierce of someone in his past and he can't help but get involved. The situation goes from mere curiosity to amateur sleuthing to downright survival as Pierce falls into a world of sex and secrets. Readers will discover that Pierce isn't your average scientist, as he is hung upside down from a 12-story building. As problem solving and tests are pitted against cover-ups, violence and thugs, readers will cheer on Connelly's latest hero.

Actor Jonathan Davis is the reader of the audio book. Through all the suspense, he successfully carries off each speaking part without missing a beat. When you pick up this audio book by Time Warner, make sure you have a portable cassette player because Chasing the Dime is one story you can't walk away from.

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