Chopping Spree
A Culinary Mystery, No. 11
By Diane Mott Davidson
Bantam Books - July 2002
ISBN: 0-553-10730-5 - Hardcover
Mystery / Cozy

Reviewed by: Brenda Weeaks, MyShelf.Com
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Goldie's eleventh mystery begins with a scrumptious menu created for a Jewelry Leasing Extravaganza at the Westside Mall. At the conclusion of the mystery is an index of the recipes and sandwiched in between these is a culinary mystery to die for.

Goldie has been hired to cater a mall party aimed at convincing the local rich women to lease jewelry, instead of buying it. Barry and Goldie are good friends. In college, they use to go out for coffee and cruise with his dog. Barry is the manager of Westside Mall and recently labeled the Mile High's most eligible bachelor. While catering his affair, Goldie dodges a truck, breaks up a fight, and discovers her friend in the mall shoe store, dead. Goldie and her assistant are found with the body and become the main suspects - a good enough reason for Goldie to put her two sleuthing cents in the case.

Marla is one of the fun characters in the series. Now that Goldilocks Catering has gone from booked to overbooked, she's dishing some sound advice as Goldie tries to balance success and motherhood. "Listen to me, now. You need to decrease your bookings, hire some help, be stricter with Arch, [Goldie's son] and take care of yourself for a change. If you don't, you're going to die."

Does Goldie listen? Of course not! She doesn't listen to husband Tom either, but does appreciate his support as she tries to deal with Arch, who will soon be turning 15, and has now taken up the sport of lacrosse and talking back. Arch is outrageously insulting and demanding, even when his mother is accused of murder. Tom seems to be a bit too low-keyed to be believable sometimes, but it doesn't spoil the read. And speaking of spoilers, the author does have Goldie back tracking her history, but not enough to ruin past mysteries in the series - a series I highly, highly recommend to cozy mystery readers.

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