The Christmas Garden Affair
A Gardening Mystery, No. 7
By Ann Ripley
Kensington Pub Corp - October 2002
ISBN: 1575667770 - HC

Reviewed by Brenda Weeaks, MyShelf.Com
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It's an affair to die for…

That is, if you are one of the many master gardeners stuck in a hotel during a large dinner party with the president-elect and his wife when Bunny the Bimbo Botanist is poisoned. It seems everyone had something against Bunny Bainfield. Her assistant, Peg, loved her madly, and the other famous gardeners, including Louise Eldridge of PBS's "Gardening with Nature" hated her for taking over the American gardening market. Dear Bunny had her hand in everyone's business as she threatened, manipulated, and spied on them.

As the case takes off, Louise puts her two cents in when she tries to recreate the murder scene with her fellow gardeners at the hotel. When it's all over, she heads back home to her safe haven … or so she thinks.

Back to get another scoop is reporter Charlie Hurd, and this time he points a finger at Louise as a suspect. The man can test a woman's willpower to murder. Also back to keep Louise apprised of the case and the latest bad news as he helps the Alexandria police solve the murder of the Bawdy British Bunny is Detective Geraghty.

And if all this isn't enough to throw Louise's holidays off, her mother-in-law is coming to Christmas dinner.

The Christmas Garden Affair isn't your average holiday mystery - it's a locked-door whodunit created to confuse even the best mystery lover. A must read for the holidays for any day!

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