City of Grateful Night
By Tamara Lea Hoyt
LTD Books, 2001
ISBN 1-55316-048-7 - e-book
Fiction / suspense / paranormal

Reviewed by: Beverly J. Rowe, MyShelf.Com
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Jermyn Browne is a contemporary woman visiting present day London when a bump on the head sends her into the London of 1888, the time when Jack the Ripper was at his murderous worst.

Visiting her best friend, Lettie Crawford, Jermyn meets the man of her dreams in Noble Quinn, and the attraction is mutual. Lettie's father had chosen Quinn to marry his daughter, but Lettie is not in love with Noble.

Jermyn is fascinated by the deeds of Jack the Ripper, and feels a voice calling to her when she is near the notorious Whitechapel district. She becomes lost in the district and is taken hostage by Jack the Ripper himself. He wants to make her his lifeline to the world beyond Whitechapel, and threatens to kill Noble if Jermyn doesn't agree to his terms. She is befriended by pregnant prostitute, Mary Jane Kelly, who becomes one of Jack's victims.

The bump on the head, catapulting Jermyn into the previous century seemed a bit contrived to me, but all in all, it was an enjoyable read; an exciting ride through the streets of London with lively action on every page. The characters are likable and are fully realized. The Ripper legend seems to be historically accurate, and 19th century London described feels realistic. The story keeps you wondering if Jermyn will survive or if the Ripper's obsession will make her his next victim.

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